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5 Ways to stay on track during thanksgiving

So it is that time of year again. Where most of us have been working towards something and usually feel a little derailed once the holidays hit, myself included. It is important to know that although it is important to stay on track with your health goals, this is also a time to be present with your family and friends. Our socialization as humans is to eat, drink, and be merry and doing this in moderation is key. Sticking to your health goals should not only include what you eat, but also how you are taking care of the mind and spirit.

1. Are you traveling far distances? This may include long car rides or plane rides. With car rides, stopping frequently to take breaks is ideal. Get out and stretch your legs. Bend down and touch your toes, bend side to side, rotate the neck clockwise then counter clockwise and do a few arm circles forward and back. Getting the blood flowing not only helps with your circulation, but can add you with a little pump of energy for the next stretch. Doing these things before getting on a plane will be important too. Pack your supplements. Make sure you have extra vitamin C in your travel bag. 1,000-2,000 mg would be ideal during your travel stent. It would be advised to start it at least 10 days before you travel. Drinking half your body weight in ounces a few days before and after would be great as well so you are staying hydrated. Pack your snacks. Almonds, apples, homemade trail mixes, granola (watch the sugar), and carrots and hummus are a couple of ideas. Pack wipes to wipe down arm rests, seat belt, the airline tables as soon as you sit down. Roll on Germ Fighter from Plant Therapy is a great thing to have on hand as well both in the car and plane. Making an appointment to get adjusted before traveling will also help keep your immune system strong

2. Check out Pinterest. It has so many awesome ways to find meals that are alternative to the traditional Thanksgiving feast. If you are suppose to bring a meal for a pot luck pick something like a salad or hearty soup to bring. More than likely you will end up with leftovers and this will be great for you to have at home for the weekend. You are also more likely to eat what you have brought the day of as well. If you are the main person cooking, set a tone for your meal and think out side of the box. Stews, soups, salads, fresh turkey, sweet potato un-stuffing, fruit and cheese plate, and a simple dessert like a pumpkin mouse are some alternatives. You still have the "Thanksgiving feast feel" without the guilt and all the bad leftovers!

3. Plan out your meal in advance. Check with others who are bringing things and see what they are. That way you can mentally prepare for what to expect. If having a light snack before you head anywhere will help you from indulging too much, then go for it! Have a good hearty breakfast to start your day and drink you water! Staying hydrated will help curb cravings help you not feel so "blah" the rest of the day into the next

4. Have a drink, or two. The key to this is making appropriate choices. Take a bottle of red wine with you to your dinner, or a skinny cocktail or mocktail. If you are celebrating at your home make sure you have the red wine to sip on or again a signature cocktail you can have. There are so many fun recipes that make you feel festive without going overboard. Sip water in between sipping your wine. This will help your liver and leave you feeling better the next day. Remember, this day is about friends and family, not about getting sloshed. Take your time and enjoy what the day has to offer.

5. Sleep in the next day. I know there are the die hard Black Friday shoppers who start as soon as they have stopped eating. This takes away from the whole point of this time of year. Don't sell that time short because you want a deal on that TV. There will always be that TV, but the time spent with family and friends is priceless. You cant get that time back.

Be attentive to your loved ones. Make sure to put your phone down, keep the newspaper ads at bay, keep the TV on mute (I know there are football games), have a fun little schedule planned with bonding games or fun silly games that get everyone together after you eat. If you are able, have a bonfire or set up some lawn games as well. PLEASE, as hard as I know it can be DO NOT STRESS. Everything usually always works out and if it doesn't it will be okay. Give yourself a break, relax and have fun. That is what it is all about. Take care of yourself, get adjusted, drink your water, and have a great time!

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