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Cheers to the new years!

Its that time of year again. The time where we set  a resolution and tell ourselves we are going to "stick to it for the ENTIRE year."  The problem is sometimes with resolutions we have a sense of defeat when we are no longer doing said resolution. So what can we do to make sure we are making positive changes in the year ahead without the worry of giving up? The word "resolution"  tends to already set us up for failure. Usually a resolution is for a short period of time, a lofty goal, and only fulfills a small portion of the changes we could be making. 

Instead of using the word resolution. Try to sit down with some intentions you have been thinking about. What are some goals you have for yourself personally and professionally? The two usually will interconnect. What do you feel out of those goals can be achieved and which will take a much larger portion of your time and energy to complete? For example, the difference between walking everyday for 30 minutes and training for a marathon. One is achievable this week and the other takes time. The cool thing is that small achievable goal helps you get to that much larger one. 

Goals are important. It is what keeps us excited. It gives us time to sit with ourselves and brainstorm for the possible and what may feel like the impossible. The important thing to remember is to celebrate the smallest victories you make towards that goal. "I got off my couch and walked around the block," YAY! Victory Dance! "I took an hour for myself and went to the beach", WHOOP, WHOOP Shimmy, shimmy  "I didn't drink that second coke" WOAH, I AM LIKE TOTAL A ROCKSTAR. These small things are all worthy of HUGE praise.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few  examples of small healthy goals you may want set for yourself:

Only have one cup of coffee instead of 4

Decrease my soda intake by X amount

Go for a walk at least X times per week

Do something nice for myself X times a week

Pack a lunch instead of eating out

Cook dinner at home X amount of days per week

See the Chiropractor for maintenance/Wellness care 1x/month :)

Sign up for that 5k I have been wanting to do

Work on that project and complete it!

Tackle that big account at work

Set time aside each week to look at your goals and what you can do for the next week to get closer to it

Your goals are just that, YOURS. Give yourself those goals and intentions that get you happy and excited to try and work for. Also you need to know you WHY behind those goals. Why do you want to do that 5k? Why do you want to limit your caffeine? You will have two answers. Your intellectual answer ie. To lower my Cholesterol or sleep better at night and your emotional answer ie. So I can be healthy enough for my kids and grand kids. Each are just as important as the other. 


-small attainable goals to lead you to your BIG goal

-Each step getting there is worth a victory dance (Shimmy, shimmy)

-Set goals you are excited to reach and revisit them frequently


- Have fun, get excited! 2020 Here we go! 

Yours in Health, 

Dr. Blackburn 

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